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Inaugural TC Elite Golf Tournament Friday, June 16th, 12 pm Scramble Bunker Hills Golf Club12800 Bunker Prairie Rd. NWCoon Rapids, MN 55448 Read More Details


David Cobb - NFL
Varmah Sonie - AFL
Michael Carter - CFL

Marquies Gray - NFL

Ra'Shede Hageman - NFL  
Troy Stoudermire - CFL
Cedric McKinley - CFL
Terrell Sinkfield - CFL

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What Parents are Saying:


Like any parent, I have always wanted to ensure that my son had the best opportunity to be successful. Whether it was in school (grades, tests, the ACT), or sports (football, basketball, track), if it was important to my son and he was serious about it (sports), or it was something that I knew was important for him (school), our goal has been for him to maximize his potential – whatever it took.

My son Davis started training at the Tyrone Carter Elite Training School for football the summer between his junior and senior seasons. At that point, my son had already been a 2year varsity starter and a captain on his team. He had trained hard in the weight room and on the field with his high school teammates. He also attended various football camps each summer.  But it was not until he started working with the Tyrone Carter Elite program that he began to realize what his full potential is.

Tyrone has been instrumental in Davis becoming an All Conference and Team Defensive MVP player during his senior season. As well as, being recruited by multiple D1 and D2 Universities.

Tyrone’s system is geared towards the athlete that has the desire and motivation to be the best football player that he can be. It is a serious regimen that is transformational. If you have the will to push yourself to the highest level and open your mind to becoming the absolutely best football player that you can become, you could not find a better leader for your journey than the Tyrone Carter Elite Training School.

I just wish we would’ve had the opportunity to start earlier!

-Tim Anderson



Your camp was fantastic!


From my point of you it was a well run, professional and highly educational camp. From when we first checked in, to training, to lunch all the way to the end of the day things were smooth and professional. While wandering around the two days I had the opportunity to listen in to the instructors at all the different areas. You brought in some great talent that really went all out in their instruction to the kids. I was very impressed by all of the instructors. Not only the "young guys" but the veterans too (Randy, Everett, David etc). Their dedicate and enthusiasm was impressive and it definitely rubbed off on the kids.


From Sean's perspective too he loved it. He spent most of his two days with Everett and David. They were fantastic. Their hard work and detail oriented training was just the stuff that Sean was looking for. He really learned a ton and most definitely became a better lineman.


Once again thank you, your coaches and your family for a great weekend of training. Some camps say or call themselves "Elite" and fall short but your camp no doubt truly was Elite!


-Tom McCullough


What Athletes are Saying:


Your camp made me feel more comfortable with the different routes and formations at the wide receiver position. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to learn from one of the best receivers of all time to ever play the game Mr. Randy Moss.

I really appreciated his knowledge teaching and hard work to help me understand the game of football even more. Your camp has helped me improve my techniques and learn new ones, I really appreciate that. It was a great opportunity to be able to meet you and Randy Moss and for that in itself I would like to say thank you.


- High School Athlete



I learned a lot more about the game of football just from being there for 2 days. You have opened a lot more opportunities for me. Thank you!!!


- High School Athlete



What Coaches are Saying:


My name is Kirby Wilson Running Backs coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think you will be impressed with this young man as our staff and I have been.


Tyrone was a former player for us as a Pittsburgh Steeler for six years. I was with him for three of those years. During his tenure as a Steeler, he was a standout defensive back, and a valuable/core special teams player. He was a leader for us on the field, and in the locker room. He was a hard worker; first one in the building and often one of the last to leave. He excelled at doing the little things right with attention to detail, and was always considered a coach on the field. He’s got tremendous instincts, intelligence, and drive. He was a key member of our football team as we won our organizations NFL league leading sixth super bowl trophy in 2008


His work ethics, and attitude will make him an asset to both players and coaches. He’s dedicated and has a strong passion for football. He has a willingness to do whatever duties are necessary to help the team succeed. I know that Tyrone will gain invaluable experience working for your program/organization, and that you will greatly appreciate meeting and working with him.


Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Kirby Wilson

Running back coach

Pittsburgh steelers




To Whom It May Concern:


Please accept this letter as my official recommendation for Tyrone Carter in consideration of a coaching position. I had the privilege of coaching Tyrone from December 1997 through the 1999 football season while l was the Head Football Coach at the University of Minnesota.


Tyrone Carter is among the most competitive, toughest, smartest student-athletes that I experienced during 35 years of college coaching; Tyrone developed himself into a two-time Big Ten performer, and All-American as a senior, along with winning the Thorpe Award signifying being the top defensive back in the Nation.


During Tyrone's tenure at the University of Minnesota he accomplished so many things. Besides his well-documented athletic achievements Tyrone performed well academically earning a degree upon completion of his eligibility and handled the responsibility of raising a family-at the same time. Tyrone is truly-a unique individual. Tyrone was a respected team leader and always conducted himself in a manner to make his family, team and University proud.


Upon graduation, Tyrone embarked a NFL Professional career most notably with the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tyrone would frequently return to The University of Minnesota and attend spring practice and sit in on coaching meetings. l was impressed with Tyrone's overall knowledge of the game of football and his ability to communicate this knowledge with players and coaches alike. He definitely raised the performance of all he came in contact with.


Tyrone Carter is a man of unquestionable character with a wealth of knowledge of

The game of football there is no doubt in my mind that Tyrone would bring the same passion to the-coaching profession as he constantly brought to the field of completion as a player. I would therefore recommend Tyrone Carter for consideration without any reservation. He will be an asset and credit to any organization.


Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.




Glen O Mason



For more information on the services and camps I am available for, please contact us or call us directly at 952-426-4544.


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