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Inaugural TC Elite Golf Tournament Friday, June 16th, 12 pm Scramble Bunker Hills Golf Club12800 Bunker Prairie Rd. NWCoon Rapids, MN 55448 Read More Details


Looking for an extra advantage? Sign up now for a private session with a two-time Super Bowl champion and 11-year NFL veteran.

Ever athlete I train, I concentrate on teaching them the proper technique, so that they can focus on putting themselves in the best position to be successful.  The principals of my individual training program focuses on engage my athlete with the three A’s:

• Alignment

• Assignment

• Adjustment

As your personal coach, I will help define how these strategies impact you on every single play.

With these principals as the guide, I will turn my attention to the pace of the workout.  As your technique improves and/or is mastered, I will change the emphasis to completing each rep at full speed. At the same time I will focus on challenging you mentally about formation tendencies and/or coverage recognition. When said and done my goal is to make you a student of the game in every aspect. This is integral to the success you will have on the field.

For you to be successful and take your game to the next level - You MUST be able to compete.

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Tyrone’s system is geared towards the athlete that has the desire and motivation to be the best football player that he can be. It is a serious regimen that is transformational. If you have the will to push yourself to the highest level and open your mind to becoming the absolutely best football player that you can become, you could not find a better leader for your journey than the Tyrone Carter Elite Training School.

-Tim Anderson


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David Cobb - NFL
Varmah Sonie - AFL
Michael Carter - CFL

Marquies Gray - NFL

Ra'Shede Hageman - NFL  
Troy Stoudermire - CFL
Cedric McKinley - CFL
Terrell Sinkfield - CFL

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